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Flash Photography: Long Beach Comic Con 2014

Double-Flash Photography Captain Cold (New 52)

I didn’t see a whole lot of Flash costumes at Long Beach Comic-Con last weekend — which was kind of surprising, seeing as how the TV show starts Tuesday! — but I did spot the Golden Age Flash couple who made a splash at SDCC, and a New 52-style Captain Cold. (Also: two or three Elsas and at least one Jack Frost. I hope they all ran into each other at some point.)

I also got to visit the S.T.A.R. Labs Mobile Research Unit promoting the TV show, which was fun, both for the exhibits and for the Allen case bulletin board. Check out Monday’s article for photos and a writeup of the exhibit.

Finally, Norm Rapmund was selling these prints by Brett Booth and himself, featuring the major players in the current story arc. He was selling a limited edition (as in 25 copies!) of the uncolored image, and I was tempted. It looked really striking in black and white as well, but it was also twice as much, and I liked the way the present/future Barrys split the image into red and blue.

Head over to K-Squared Ramblings for my full con writeup and photos!

Norm Rapmund will be right back


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Beguiled? Review of EARTH 2 #25

earth 2 25 coverVal-Zod finally joins in the fight, and Jay Garrick plays a major role as new aspects of his power are revealed in the battle to save Earth 2 from the Bedlam-controlled, “Brutaal” former-Superman.  But, are the best efforts of the Wonders too late?  That, and much more are found in this action-packed issue of EARTH 2!


This issue picks up with Jay, Alan and Kendra trying to escape Beguiler and an army of Parademons.  Green Lantern can only hold Beguiler off for so long, but Jay Garrick comes to the forefront of the fight as he pushes his own powers to the limit to discover…something approaching infinity.  While this fight goes on, Val-Zod reveals his own backstory to Jimmy Olsen – with some very interesting revelations about his early life.  The former-Superman-now-Brutaal and Lois visit the Kents with some truly disturbing results, as Bedlam’s plan to move all of Earth 2 through a Boom Tube is ready to come into place.  Can the Wonders stop Earth 2 from becoming the new Apokalips?  To see more you’ll need to grab the issue!

For Jay Garrick fans, this is a very welcome chapter, and the Flash of Earth 2 gets some well-deserved time in the spotlight. Actually, for fans of EARTH 2 this is a great chapter – a fast-paced, action-packed story with significant developments for a number of characters.  There are a couple of truly disturbing moments here – some that will generate a lot of talk for some time to come.  But, this is a series that has taken risks from the very beginning, and what comes next should be pretty much astounding. Thanks to Tom Taylor for another excellent script, and to the art team of Nicola Scott (pencils), Trevor Scott (pencils) and Pete Pantazis (colors) for another beautifully illustrated tale.  EARTH 2 is one of the gems of the New 52 – don’t miss out on it!

Ed Garrett.

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Take Back Flash

The current Weekend Hashtag Project on Instagram is #WHPtakebackflash. The idea is to use the flash on your phone camera…but the double meaning was too good to pass up.

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Sure, #WHPtakebackflash is about using the camera flash…but it seemed like a double meaning was appropriate.

Sure, #WHPtakebackflash is about using the camera flash…but it seemed like a double meaning was appropriate.

Mike Allred Batman ’66-Style Variant Cover for Flash #31

IGN reveals 5 of Mike Allred’s 19 variant covers honoring the 1966 Batman TV show in May, including this wonderfully recursive image for The Flash #31.

Flash 31 Variant Cover by Mike Allred


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This Week: Digital Flashback: The Garricks’ Honeymoon in Vegas

It’s a week without any new Flash comics, but DC is adding another classic to their back catalog.  This one’s Flash #161 (2000). With Wally and Linda off on their honeymoon, Jay Garrick tells the story of the hijinks on his and Joan’s honeymoon in what was then a little-known out of the way town called Las Vegas…and what happened when his JSA pals tagged along to throw a reception, and the Fiddler, Thinker and Shade show up to rob the casino.  There’s also a side plot revealing the fate of the Three Dimwits — a Stooges-style trio of buffoons from the Golden Age supporting cast who had largely been ignored by later flashback tales.

It’s a fun story by Pat McGreal, Paul Pelletier and Doug Hazlewood, with a cover by Steve Lightle.

Flash #161


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