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New Flash Action Figure Announced


DC Collectibles has given us a sneak peek at the action figures and statues to be showcased at San Diego Comic-Con in a couple of weeks, and one of them is a figure of Barry Allen from the upcoming Flash TV series. So far it looks nicely poseable and is a great likeness of actor Grant Gustin in the Flash suit, which bodes well.

There are no other details as of yet, but you can see the rest of the imminent figures at DC’s blog, and some of them look really nice. Presumably we’ll learn more about the figures once SDCC is underway. And if you’ll be attending SDCC, the blog post has information about when and where the collectibles panels will be held.

What do you think of the figure so far? Is anyone hoping for more figures based on the TV series?


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DC Collectibles New 52 Heroes vs. Villains 7-Pack Review and Pics! *Image Intensive*


New 52 Super Heroes Vs. Super-Villains 7-Pack featuring The Flash, Batman, Aquaman, Captain Cold, The Joker, Black Manta and an exclusive release of Catwoman.


Hey Speed Readers,

So even though this set actually isn’t scheduled for release until Tomorrow, Wednesday, November 20th, 2013 thanks to some enterprising individuals I got the set in my hands a few days early. Check out my review and bunch of pics below.

More pics after the jump!


This is the second 7-Pack released by DC Collectibles (the first featuring the New 52′s Big Seven) and this is a perfect companion pack to the first release. The set features redecos of Batman, Aquaman, The Flash, Captain Cold, and The Joker.


First off we will be looking at Batman, who is sporting a fantastic gunmetal colored armor and an excellent matte black finish on his cowl, gloves, and boots. This contrasts greatly with the previous release which had Batman with a rather dull, gray costume and a glossy black coat of paint used on the cowl, gloves, and boots. I never realized just how lame the first figure looked until compared with this Batman. I think this may be the ultimate Batman for my collection. It is that good.


Aquaman is the second redeco and he is not only chainless, but he also features a older more regal head sculpt and a new trident more befitting of his status five years later as a king and ambassador. The trident still unfortunately looks like a toy and could do with a gold coat of paint, but it is a lot more intricate than the trident included with the previous release. I placed him with the blue camo Aquaman from DC Universe Classics (I only really bought him to turn into Tempest, but this is my favorite Aquaman costume) and the previous DC Collectibles Aquaman release. I think I’m going to be swapping the heads of the blue camo Aquaman and the latest release I just received. I’m not really digging the newer release’s head sculpt and I’m going to be popping the head off of blue camo Aquaman to make Tempest anyway. I might as well switch out the tridents too. It is random but every once in a while Mattel will absolutely school DC Collectibles on details in sculpts. This I believe is one of those times. The figure still fits in extremely well with the previous releases of Aquaman’s wife, Mera, the second Aqualad, Kaldur’ahm/Jackson Hyde, Black Manta and Ocean Master.


Untitled-21Mera, Aquaman, Aqualad, Black Manta and Ocean Master

Not much was altered when it came to Captain Cold’s redeco except for the paint which is a darker blue. He is also missing all of his accessories, so no ice dagger and no attachable ice mace. Still the sculpt on on his iced up right hand is excellent and the figure really isn’t missing that much when it comes to the accessories. I’m glad I have the extras but honestly I wouldn’t miss them too much if I didn’t pick up the single release. The darker Cold will be joining my Secret Society of Super-Villains display and the lighter one will hang out in my Flash display. I pictured him below with a number of different releases from Mattel and DC Direct and then with his fellow Rogues, Mirror Master and Captain Boomerang.



On the flip side the redeco of the Joker came with all of his accessories that also manage to handily fit onto his tool belt; Pretty slick if you ask me. This is actually the first Joker I’ve ever purchased and I’m not nearly as disappointed as I thought I might be with this crazier than normal interpretation of The Joker. The sculpt is excellent and the included tools fit his sadistic nature perfectly, His body has this thin, wiry quality that just screams “Joker” and I could just imagine him taking those pliers and rearranging some ‘parts’ or beating some sidekicks with his wrench or hammer. I may seek out a “classier” Joker sometime in the future but for now this one is pretty solid. Great interpretation. For those curious the original release came with a blue jumpsuit as opposed to the orange jumpsuit. Not a huge difference and definitely not something that is going to make me seek out the variant but still worth noting. I wanted to give you a good idea of just how much stuff they included with ol’ Mr. J. I also included a shot with classic Harley as well.




Next is the redeco that originally caught my eye in the first place, The Flash. Featuring a metallic sheen and the electric seams of his armored costume painted in and aglow with speed force energy, this is easily my favorite Flash release of the last few years. This figure easily blows the Mattel version out of the water (although it took them three tries to do so) and is without a doubt going to be my DCU display Barry Allen. I can’t stop staring at it; it’s so dang shiny. Great figure!


Fortunately for me (since I skipped out on the single release) Black Manta is for all intents and purposes the same as the single release of the figure that came out last month. He also comes with all of the accessories that were included with the single release which are two swords that slide into his backpack and another claw weapon that also fits on the backpack (although not as well). Black Manta is another figure that I’d been holding out on picking up due to this upcoming release. Being one of Aquaman’s principal foes and Aqualad’s (Kaldur’ahm) father I would be remiss if I didn’t pick up some incarnation of Black Manta. I’m half thinking about picking up another one and popping a DC Direct/DC Collectibles Brightest Day Aqualad head on it, but that would be a waste of resources. Still I’m very, very pleased to add Black Manta to the Secret Society.


Last but not least is the New 52 version of Catwoman. I’ve waited a long time to add a Catwoman to my collection and it took a lot of patience to wait for this release. I have to say she was well worth the wait and the figure is absolutely perfect. Not only does the sculpt look like she leapt out of the comics, but she sports excellent details such as goggles that can be adjusted to go over her eyes or sit above, and a well-made flexible whip accessory. She isn’t going to set the world on fire with her articulation but she has some decent surprises, such as boot swivels and wrist swivels. The details on the boots are especially slick.


For those on the fence about the set, for me, Catwoman and the redeco’d Batman, and Flash are worth the price of admission alone. Of course I was also looking forward to Black Manta and The Joker as well, so perhaps I artificially inflated the value of the 7 pack by waiting to purchase those two. Whatever, I saved money and I got some excellent figures. Sounds groovy to me.

DSC06311The Injustice League: Circe, Captain Cold, Black Adam, Lex Luthor, Sinestro, Catwoman, Black Manta, and Professor Zoom, The Reverse-Flash

new52heroesvsvillains10sfGreen Lantern (Simon Baz), Vibe, Catwoman, Stargirl, Martian Manhunter, Katana, Hawkman and Green Arrow.

The New 52 Super Heroes vs. Super-Villains 7-Pack officially hits stores tomorrow Wednesday, November 20, 2013. So who plans on picking it up?

Thanks for reading,

-Flash Johnson


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DC Collectibles DC Comics Super-Villains New 52 Captain Cold Review & Pictures


Hey Speed Readers,

The New 52 Captain Cold was released last week and I’m just now getting a chance to get some pics and a review up. Better late than never right?

First off the the packaging is pretty much the same as previous DC Collectibles New 52 releases except that the box sports a darker color scheme to contrast the white used with the Heroes releases. I like the packaging overall, the only gripe I have is that they (Amazon) stuffed the figure in a box that caused a creased in the packaging. Luckily I’m not a On Card collector, but if I were I would be quite perturbed:


On the right side of the package we have a cool minimalist Captain Cold graphic:


And on the left side a picture of the figure and the name of the sculptor, James Shoop:


The main thing about this figure we have to realize is that this is not your grandfather’s Captain Cold (ugh), he’s ditched the cold gun and parka for superpowers and a hip hooded vest that he borrowed from Vibe (or maybe Vibe borrowed it from him?). Now being an old school fan I have a great appreciation for what the Rogues brought to the table before the New 52 and I’m a little resistant to a few of the changes. I do however dig the design and the visual flair that Mr. Manapul brings to Cold especially when utilizing his ice powers.


When Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato (the current creators working on The Flash) relaunched the book in 2011 with the New 52 they explained that they wanted to make the Rogues more powerful and more of a threat when it came to facing off against a speedster like the Flash. So, fed up with losing to The Flash every single time, Captain Cold went looking for an edge and found one with the help of amoral scientist, Darwin Elias. Darwin used an experimental procedure to bond the powers of the Rogues’ weapons to the users themselves with…mixed results. Pretty much every member of the Rogues came out of the ordeal pretty screwed up but I don’t want to spoil anything else. All you really need to know is that Cold now has internalized ice powers or cryokinesis.


I will say it is refreshing to get a Captain Cold that comes with something more than a purple/silver/magenta gun. Cold is packed with two ice weapons that look amazing and were sculpted out of nice solid pieces of plastic by DC Collectibles’ sculptor, James Shoop. The ice mace can be swapped out for the right hand or attached to the end of the right hand as kind of an extended ice bashing piece. The ice dagger can be held in his left hand. His right arm also has icy veins sculpted on it that end with an absolutely fantastic sculpted icy arm. I guess you could say that Captain Cold literally has ice water running through his veins.


The hood/head are sculpted separately from the figure so the head can freely move from side to side. Due to the nature of the hoodie he can’t really look up but the Flash doesn’t fly so I think this should be more than adequate. From the way the hood sits on his head you would think the thing was removable but it isn’t as far as I know and I’m not willing to pull any harder on it and risk destroying it; I’m fairly certain it isn’t removable. Not a con or anything since the closest we’ve gotten to a removable hood was the gargantuan DC Direct Justice Series 8 Captain Cold based on the art of Alex Ross (pictured below in comparison shots). You could slide the hood down and get a look at Captain Cold’s receding hairline which was a nice touch. Unfortunately the glasses weren’t removable like DC Direct’s previous Captain Cold release (also pictured below in the comparison shots). I will go on record saying that my favorite of the last three 6-7 inch releases (counting the Mattel one) is the 2001 DC Direct Captain Cold figure. The sculpt is just fantastic and the removable glasses are a great touch.




Realistically (I hate this word by the way), yes the Flash’s villains would pose little threat to him in their previous incarnation but that was a part of their charm; lovable losers who every once in awhile get the drop on a guy that can break the sound barrier on a brisk walk. Usually they accomplish more by working together and watching each other’s backs and as a result they’ve managed to get the best of our Scarlet Speedster on a number of occasions. At the same time The Rogues can and will turn on each other in a heartbeat if it means that one of them can escape or get a bigger score. That is the problem I really have with ALL of the Rogues gaining powers is just that it is a little over the top to expect them all to go through with it. Looking at the New 52 Rogues I guess they could be a bit more apt to follow Cold blindly but I don’t see it happening with the classic Rogues. Weather Wizard would do it because that was one of his main motivations when he reappeared; internalizing his Weather Wand abilities, which he managed to do later with the help of Inertia. Mirror Master’s powers were already so formidable that I don’t see why he would have needed to internalize the abilities. Heat Wave pretty much despises Cold and while he has followed him in the past I doubt he would go this far. In fact I see pretty much everyone turning Cold down and Captain Cold going through the process alone. Cold has always been the Rogue amongst the Rogues and him going off and doing it on his own would fit his character. In other words I don’t mind Cold having powers as much as I do everyone else.


Being one of the more popular and prominent members of the Rogues has earned Captain Cold 3 other 6-7 inch scaled figures from DC Collectibles (formerly DC Direct) and Mattel. The next closest member of the actual Rogues is Mirror Master who is soon to be tied with Captain Boomerang (Who will be seeing his third release later this year via DC Collectibles). Of course Gorilla Grodd and Professor Zoom are in the lead overall but they aren’t exactly “Rogues”.


If you are a fan of the new design of Captain Cold then this is definitely a figure you want to pick up; Great paint job, decent articulation, and a fantastically intricate sculpt definitely brings the New 52 version of the good Captain to life in a solid way. Not to mention that he actually comes with ice-themed accessories. You won’t get a ton of crazy poses out of him but with his unique color scheme he will look great posed with other villains on a shelf or opposite The Flash. The icy stand that he is standing on came from the first Marvel Legends-styled Iceman from a few years back. That explains the Sentinel robot hand at the base.


DC Collectibles DC Comics Super-Villains Captain Cold retails for $24.99 but you can find him for a little more or a little less depending on what retailers and online avenues you take.

What do you all think of Captain Cold’s New 52 look and swanky new figure? Please let us know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading,



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New 52 Earth 2 Flash Custom Action Figure by Draubner
Hey all,
Came across this guy on eBay a few days ago and man am I impressed. I contacted the seller and customizer, Draubner and asked him a few questions about himself and the figure. 
Draubner is based out of the Philippines and has been working on custom action figures for about 3 years now. However he isn’t a huge comic book fan; he just likes working with visually interesting characters and bringing them to life. When he comes across something he likes he researches the character back and forth and uses this knowledge to really bring out the personality and details.
I have to say that he did a damn good job using that knowledge in this case. Figure was obviously made from Mattel’s DC Universe Classics base with some Flashy additions from the Flash figure but a lot of new sculpting such as the gauntlets, boots, zippers, and helmet! The paint job is also super clean and the colors chosen pop like no other. 
The figure is currently at $260 on eBay with about 10 hours to go. Way too rich for my blood but if I had the money I would drop it in a heartbeat. Excellent custom. You can see and bid on the custom, HERE.
Thanks for reading,
-Flash Johnson


New 52 Earth 2 Flash Custom Action Figure by Draubner

Hey all,

Came across this guy on eBay a few days ago and man am I impressed. I contacted the seller and customizer, Draubner and asked him a few questions about himself and the figure. 

Draubner is based out of the Philippines and has been working on custom action figures for about 3 years now. However he isn’t a huge comic book fan; he just likes working with visually interesting characters and bringing them to life. When he comes across something he likes he researches the character back and forth and uses this knowledge to really bring out the personality and details.

I have to say that he did a damn good job using that knowledge in this case. Figure was obviously made from Mattel’s DC Universe Classics base with some Flashy additions from the Flash figure but a lot of new sculpting such as the gauntlets, boots, zippers, and helmet! The paint job is also super clean and the colors chosen pop like no other. 

The figure is currently at $260 on eBay with about 10 hours to go. Way too rich for my blood but if I had the money I would drop it in a heartbeat. Excellent custom. You can see and bid on the custom, HERE.

Thanks for reading,

-Flash Johnson


The Fastest Fan Alive’s 500th Post featuring more Heroes and Villains than you can shake a stick at!

So long story short after the DC Universe started collapsing in on itself with the New 52 I was pretty indifferent towards DC Collectibles until they announced the “We Can Be Heroes” 7 pack box set. Featuring the New 52’s Big Seven (Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, and Cyborg) in one fell swoop was a great move as once I had them up on my shelves I couldn’t stop. Next came Darkseid and a couple of Parademons and then I just had to dig my old Teen Titans figures out of storage and then came all of the rest. Fed up with DC’s New 52 for the most part I took what I’ve liked here and there and built my own iconic version of what the DC Universe should be for the most part. I have a bunch of stories swirling about in the back of my head and I will definitely get around to filling these in as I go. I still have quite a few heroes left to acquire for my own personal universe but as you can see I have the basic framework set up as far as teams and alliances go. Some are just placeholders until other figures arrive or are released and others are pretty much final. For example I’m pretty anxious to add Black Manta and Black Adam to my Injustice Gang but they have new figures coming up before the end of the year. No point in going out and buying older versions if newer ones are right around the corner (that is unless I prefer the older versions). 

I actually have not decided on whether Wally West will find his way into my universe yet. The more I think about it the less speedsters I want in my universe. It is a world-breaking power and the less people with access to the enigmatic speed force the better. Not only that but it just sounds better when there are only one Flash and one Kid Flash running around. I thought about possibly giving Wally a different identity altogether but for now he is just not going to be represented. On that same note I still wanted to show you all a glimpse of the classic New Titans together, Miss that team.

I ran into a similar problem when it came to the Justice Society of America, Hawkwoman, and the New Gods. I’m not sure if I’m going to go the Earth 1/Earth 2 route ala current DC or leave the Justice Society firmly in the past as a stepping stone. I’m pretty sure if they release Earth 2 figures I’m going to be getting them so perhaps I will just leave this bit of history hazy for now. Hawkwoman/Hawkgirl however (especially after rewatching Justice League and Justice League Unlimited on Netflix) had to be on one of my League’s. I especially wanted to continue the alien origins she has from the series into my own universe as it gave her awesome depth. I haven’t even begun to think about the New Gods yet except that I need to get some version of them. Thankfully the ones in the comics look to be quite similar to Kirby’s original designs. 

As far as The Teen Titans/Titans go I decided to go a somewhat different route with the Titans. Essentially the only iteration of the Teen Titans in this universe was never really officially called that. Back when each of them was a teen sidekick they would unofficially team up from time to time. Roy Harper was the oldest of the team (and is only a few years younger than Oliver Queen in my universe) and when he left Green Arrow he convinced the rest of the sidekicks/partners to do the same. The history is pretty murky for now but they would eventually officially become known as The Titans.

The Teen Titans are now known as Justice League Academy. The best and brightest of the young superhero community working and learning together. I, like many of you, loved Young Justice and I also liked the idea of a junior Justice League team. I personally think that Teen Titans has too much history behind it and that Young Justice just doesn’t sound as official as what Justice League Academy is going to be. Tim Drake has moved on and semi-graduated to the next step as a senior member of the JLAcademy. Supergirl in this reality is a more mature superhero who has been around as long as Clark and has a similar fanbase and presence. After Clark discovers her “brother”, Kon-El, she is tasked with the role of helping him develop his burgeoning Kryptonian powers. Tim and Supergirl are the more experienced vets keeping the rest of the team in line. 

Batwoman and the Outsiders is my homage to Batman and the Outsiders from my childhood. I recently acquired both Metamorpho and Batwoman and I saw it instantly. Especially since I don’t really see a role for Batwoman anywhere else in my universe. In any case The Outsiders, like they have often been portrayed in the DCU proper, are the more proactive heroes. Seek and destroy pretty much. They go after villains who are actively wanted and bring them to justice as opposed to waiting for some stuff to go down. I kind of dug the partnership of Black Lightning and Blue Devil from DCU Presents so I decided they were going to be teaming together in this covert ops team with Blue Devil providing a lot of the technological skill and know how. This is prior to him becoming an actual demon (a development I’m not sure I’m going to follow). Owen Mercer in this reality isn’t literally Digger Harkness’ son. Digger dated Owen’s mother on and off for years and Owen came to see him as a kind of father figure. Of course Digger showed him quite a few things with a boomerang (usually when Digger was wasted) and when Owen turned 18 (a year or so after Digger walked away for good), Owen decided to try his hand at being a Rogue. After a few weeks of him pulling jobs similar to Digger’s (and driving both The Flash and Digger crazy), Digger finally tracks Owen down and nearly beats the kid to death for impersonating him before realizing who it is. Digger still angry breaks the kid’s throwing arm and sends the kid home to his mother on a train (you didn’t think Digger would spring for a plane ticket would you?). Owen of course swears revenge and ends up joining up with Batwoman and the Outsiders.

I’ve always liked the idea of multiple League teams and with the announcement of Justice League of America I decided to create my own version to tide me over until they release more of the official members (Vibe, Catwoman, Simon Baz). Green Arrow is approached by Waller as the leader and face of the team while Martian Manhunter is one of the heavy hitters and provides intel. Black Canary was placed on the team by the government, Hawkman basically has the JLU background right now of being a former Archaeology professor driven mad by Thanagarian discoveries (resident loose cannon), Dr. Light II (physicist), and Green Lantern John Stewart (Will be explained why Earth has so many eventually).

Now on to the bad guys. While I’ve gotten a lot more than I even thought I would I’m still missing quite a few big bads like Lex Luthor and the Joker. But here are what I have so far: Mirror Master, Captain Boomerang, The Shade, Dr. Light, Amazo, Despero, Psycho Pirate, The Black Hand, Anti-Monitor and Superboy Prime, Ocean Master, Sinestro, Deathstroke, Mongul, Darkseid w/ Parademons, Vandal Savage, Circe, Professor Zoom,  Lord Kobra, Deadshot, Gorilla Grodd, Captain Cold, and Solomon Grundy.

My apologies for the lack of updates lately. You can now see what I’ve been working on and why I’ve been staggering my posts so much. :) I do want to give a special “Thank You” to all 261 of my followers who check in no matter what. 

-Flash Johnson

DC Collectibles Solicitations For Sept/Oct 2013!

Hey Speed Readers,

So DC Collectibles put out their solicits for September/October 2013 and one item of interest stands out to New 52 Flash fans:


The DC COMICS – THE NEW 52 look of The Flash’s Rogues Gallery member Captain Cold is perfectly captured with this action figure based on his all-new design.

On Sale September 2013 • Action Figure • $24.95 US

*Allocations May Occur


Yeah, yeah I know *New 52 grumble*. Still great looking figure and one that I can’t wait to add to my display. I’m loving the ice accessories that match up with his current powers (makes the $24.95 price point a bit easier to swallow) and what looks to be a swanky removable hood so we can see New 52 Len in all of his glory. We haven’t had a new Captain Cold six-inch version since Mattel’s ( mostly disappointing, imo) DC Universe Classics Captain Cold which while detailed (with removable gun and holster) they flubbed his height when compared to the other Rogues in the line. He looks super short standing next to Mirror Master and Captain Boomerang.

The good Captain has had two previous DC Collectibles (DC Direct) figures that both pretty much knocked it out of the part. The first was from DC Direct’s 2001 Rogues series featuring Captain Cold (in a beautiful sculpt reminiscent of Scott Kolins’ work on Captain Cold in the Flash) and came with his freeze gun and removable glasses. The figure still holds up well compared to the more recent releases from DC Collectibles but this figure came out 12 years ago so we desperately need some updated Rogues in the line up. The second came about through DC Direct’s Alex Ross Justice line based on the 12 issue maxi-series. This one definitely has the most detail of all of the Cold releases (removable gun from holster and you can kind of pull down the hood to get a glimpse at Len pre-New 52).  Unfortunately the “good” captain is horribly out of scale with just about all of your average DC Direct/DC Collectibles releases not to mention the stylistic differences (being based on the photo-realistic art of Alex Ross) makes it stand out big time among a display of basic DC Direct/DC Collectibles figures.


So who else is looking forward to adding a New 52 styled Captain Cold to your display? Any other Flash Rogues you hope to see from the New 52? Let us know in the comments below!


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Mirror Master figure on sale this week

Signature Collection Mirror Master figure For those interested in buying the Signature Collection Mirror Master figure, it’ll be available at Mattel’s site on August 15, starting at noon ET. Cost is $18 plus shipping.

To see new photos of the figure (in case you need help making up your mind), Cool Toy Review has some great pictures.

ShopDCEntertainment.com Finally Live! Plus Exclusive Flashpoint Box Set Available

Hey Speed Readers,

About a month ago DC Entertainment (formerly known as DC Comics) announced that they would they be rechristening their collectible products line, previously known as DC Direct, with a new brand dubbed DC Collectibles. Not only that but they pledged to make it easier for those without a Local Comic Shop (like I) to purchase their entire products line via their own e-commerce online shop known as ShopDCEntertainment.com. The site is finally live!

The new site will not only allow you to browse and purchase the entire DC Collectibles product line but it will also let you know what comic shops nearby carry want you want if you would still prefer to support brick and mortar comic book shops (Speed Force knows they need it). The line was previously only available in comic shops or through dealers online, who often found it necessary to add a bit of a mark-up to certain products due to their relative exclusivity and in the name of the almighty dollar. This news levels the playing field by a huge margin for fans like myself who have been hosed a few times over the years when it comes to DC Direct products. As I’ve mentioned before my local comic shop closed back in 2007 or 2008 and I haven’t had one close to me in quite a while. Due to that I’ve switched to shopping online about 97 percent of the time. Unfortunately I’ve had to pay not only some outrageous base prices but also crazy shipping prices as well. With the new system in place customers in the continental U.S. will only be paying at the most a 5 dollar flat free for ground shipping and 10 dollars for 2-day shipping if you desire it instead. On top of that any orders over 50 dollars will be eligible for free shipping. The prices for Canadian and International shipping aren’t super awesome but what I’ve seen they aren’t super terrible either.

Not only are the shipping prices a million times better but it seems as if we are going to have access to a bevy of other non-DC Collectibles product. Inputting “Flash” in the search function brings up about 30 different Flash-related items with a number of them on sale, including the terrific 1990-91 TV series on DVD for the low, low price of $10.99 usd marked down from $47.99! You can also find t-shirts, action figure sets from Mattel, statues and jewelry.

Of course the biggest deal for Flash collectors will be the DC Entertainment Shop’s exclusive Flashpoint Box Set featuring the incredibly hard to find (comparatively), and expensive Flashpoint Barry Allen released earlier this year. The set also includes  Wonder Woman and Batman from Flashpoint Series 1 along with an exclusive Emperor Aquaman (which fans are actually calling out as a gyp since it is merely a repaint and doesn’t really resemble the Flashpoint Aquaman from the story, much) and a exclusive $500 poker chip from Wayne Casinos (don’t ask):

Funny thing, I was curious about just what differences we would see in pricing from ShopDCEntertainment compared to oh I don’t know evilBay and wow; I found more than a couple dealers who were selling the set for almost twice the price of the MSRP! Fortunately ShopDCEntertainment has the set at $59.99 usd with free shipping on top of that; take that scalpers!

One more awesome thing about the new shop; In the past like many others I have experienced a few quality control issues with a few figures that I’ve purchased. I haven’t experienced anything too terrible on a consistent basis but I’ve heard horror stories about limbs snapping right out of the package, warped parts, and stuck joints. Unfortunately unless you were dealing with a really cool seller you were stuck with the figure and had to purchase a replacement through your own means and even if you were able to negotiate a deal to get a replacement you would usually have to pay to ship the other figure back. Now ShopDCEntertainment gives us a chance to shop without worries; they offer returns on all items within 30 days and in the case of a defective, damaged or incorrect item you won’t even have to pay for shipping. Great news for collectors!

I’m still mulling over whether I’m going to pick the exclusive set up or not. I already have the Flashpoint Flash figure and it wasn’t even that awesome the first time around. I guess it would be cool to commemorate the first Flash-centric company-wide crossover and the death of everything I knew and loved so who knows? I just think it is a little pricey for a figure that I already have and three I have no use for.

Do any of you guys plan on picking up the Flashpoint Exclusive Set? What do you all think of the new, revamped site and brand so far? Please let us know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading,

-Devin ‘Flash’ Johnson


So, I just received confirmation that my DC Universe Signature Collection Jay Garrick just shipped from Mattycollector.com! So until the figure arrives in the mail I’m going to be highlighting a couple or so different Flash figures every day.  

First up one of my favorites, DC Direct’s Elseworlds Series 4: JSA Liberty Files Flash!

Actually in story Jay Garrick uses the codename, ‘Mercury’ and is a United States government operative working undercover in Russia when he is called in by ‘The Bat’ to stop a Superman gone rogue! Liberty Files was initially a two-part story released originally back in 2000 and written by Dan Jolley and Tony Harris with Harris also pencilling the interiors. Jay appeared in the second part titled, The Unholy Three. 

I think this suit is almost perfect with the only thing I would add being a pair of aviator goggles; the uniform just screams for them. Despite that the simple two color scheme comes across well. In story the utility belt included a two way radio and the pouches were filled with things like ball bearings, which in the hands of a speedster are especially lethal. I like the additional detail of adding the chin strap despite the fact that he is not using it for some reason. In any case I think the suit design is a winner; hats off to writer/penciller, Tony Harris who I’m assuming is at least partially responsible. 

Now, as far as the figure itself, DC Direct is known for it’s limited articulation and statue-like action figures and this one is no exception. It features what would appear to be 10 points of articulation but their range of motion is so limited that they might as well not even exist. The paint however is pretty top-notch and while it isn’t super-detailed, it gets the job done. The best work is seen in the face sculpt and paint job; they do an especially good job here. The helmet is not removable. 

Thanks for reading, check back for more Jay Garrick action figure pics over the next couple of days.

Thanks for reading,

-Devin ‘Flash’ Johnson


Reminder: DC Signature Collection Golden Age Flash on Sale 5/15/12

Hey Speed Readers,

Just a friendly reminder for those anxiously awaiting the release of Mattel’s DC Signature Collection Golden Age Flash, Jay Garrick, the figure goes on sale on Mattycollector.com this Tuesday, May 15, 2012.  Of course those that signed up for the subscription (not I) will be getting theirs shipped out automatically. Although earlier this month Mattel posted on Matty’s news page that due to “logistics issues” the shipments of the figure won’t be arriving at the docks until pretty much the day of the sale. Due to that they’ve told customers to allow 5 to 7 additional days for orders containing the figure to arrive. Naturally the customers who subscribed to Club Infinite Earths 2012 will receive their orders first. The figure will set the rest of us back $18.99 usd plus shipping.

Now for those of you who want to make an intelligent, informed decision about whether you will be purchasing Mattel’s version of Jason Peter Garrick this Tuesday you are in luck:

Action Figure Insider has long been a source that I use to keep track of various toy collectible news. One of their founders and main contributors, Daniel “JuliusMarx” Pickett, has through sheer force of awesome worked out a deal where he receives sample figures from Mattel on the regular and before most people ever get a chance to lay their mitts on them. He snaps some great pictures of them, tells you a few details about them and gives us an overall impression of the figures. You can see AFI’s First Look HERE.

Another toy blogger, Dan “Pixel Dan” Eardley also receives samples from Mattel but likes to give us his impressions in video form. His website, Pixel-Dan.com, is immensely popular and his Youtube channel has over 11,000 subscribers with over 8 million views. Now I personally prefer to read reviews and check out pictures but Dan has some extremely professional looking work. He also works the crap out of the samples, testing out joints, and twisting limbs back and forth so we don’t have to. You can check out Dan’s extremely detailed and informative review of Jay Garrick HERE.

Remember DC Signature Collection Jay Garrick will be available this Tuesday. May 15, 2012. You can find the product page HERE.

So who plans on picking up Jay Garrick this Tuesday? For that matter who already has the figure pre-purchased through the Club Infinite Earths Subscription? Let us know in the comments below.

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