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Captain Boomerang

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Captain Boomerang
some rare love for Flash’s rogues gallery


Captain Boomerang

some rare love for Flash’s rogues gallery

Wizkids Announces Flash-themed HeroClix Set!


Hey Speed Readers,

So a couple days ago Wizkids announced via ICV2 their very first exclusively Flash-themed HeroClix set. The Flash is scheduled for release in the Fall and Wizkids is going all out for this set. Not only will we be getting a standard 68 piece set, we can also look forward to a 24 piece Primer Gravity Feed set featuring rare and unique sculpts (kind of a sneak peek/sampler) and a 6 piece Fast Forces set spotlighting the Rogues to kick things off. Take a look after the jump.


Booster packs come with five figures at a time and retail for $12.99. They will overall contain 68 figures from all eras of the Flash’s history, including the Harley Quinn HeroClix World Champion Piece, and the 2013 DC Fan Vote Winner, Etrigan the Demon.  Sub-themes include the Rogues, the Flash’s allies, and the Authority among others. MSRP for an actual ‘Clix Brick (essentially a case) is $129.90.


The Flash Primer Gravity Feed features 10 figures with flat rarity and all-new dial designs. Each single figure foil pack contains one Heroclix figure and character card. Play as Max Mercury, Golden Glider, and more as you encounter the mysterious Gorilla City Soldiers and authoritative Central City Police! MSRP is $2.99


“The Rogues” Fast Forces Pack will include 6 figures from the Flash’s most persistent and famous foes (Captains Cold, Boomerang, Mirror Master, Weather Wizard, Heat Wave and the Pied Piper), as well as two exclusive maps.  MSRP is $16.99.

Now for those not completely familiar with HeroClix and the lingo. HeroClix themselves are little miniature figures similar to Warhammer 3000 or any popular tabletop miniature hobby shop game. While at first they would simply issue a set of 60 or so they began to try and make the hobby more accessible by offering starter sets called Fast Forces: packs of 6 or so different popular ‘Clix characters packed together to get one started. The 24 pack Primer Gravity Feed was also created to kind of build hype for the forthcoming full set and can be more appealing to the impulse purchaser by offering better chances to get more popular characters and dials.

For example, purchasing a booster pack will give you a choice of 5 random characters from the main 68 character set. Gravity Feeds are basically Counter Top Displays that enable people who just want a clix of the main characters of the pack to have a better chance to avoid picking up any random ancillary characters.  Typically the 24 characters in the Gravity Feed pack are figures with slightly different sculpts/stats than the main set and are generally more fan-favorites.


Golden Age Flash, Captain Boomerang II (Owen Mercer), more Gorilla City warriors (we received two a few sets back), Ragdoll I (Peter Merkel Sr.), Harley Quinn, Midnighter, Etrigan the Demon, and New 52 versions of Barry, Weather Wizard, Captain Cold, Mirror Master and Heat Wave were the first figures previewed with Max Mercury, and Golden Glider also mentioned.

I used to be a pretty big Flash and Flash-related ‘Clix collector but I’ve slowed down quite a bit in the last year or so as I’ve expanded my focus to DC Direct/DC Collectibles/DC Universe Classics 6-7 inch figures. Not that I don’t dig these guys as well but some of the rarer pieces from a set can go as high as 50 or 60 bucks. That is not an easy pill to swallow for a figurine that looks right at home in a vending machine. In fact the ‘Clix figurine that finally got me to take a break from collecting was the Super-Rare Flash 050 from last year’s Teen Titans set. It currently goes for about 20 bucks or so on eBay. For that same price I could have an articulated action figure that will further flesh out my main collection. Or to be a bit more practical that could easily get me a week’s worth of meals. Honestly the best thing about collecting ‘Clix was getting characters that I knew didn’t really have a golden snowballs chance in hell of getting created in 6 inch form. If one were attempting to collect any semblance of a complete DC Universe of characters HeroClix would be the place to begin, with the Justice League Unlimited toyline a very distant second. I’ve had a nearly complete team of Rogues for years in HeroClix form. I don’t know if I will ever be able to say the same about DC Collectibles or Mattel. 

While I’m super-excited for this set and that the Flash is finally getting to be a headliner, the amount of money it would take for me to round up this whole collection is something that I’m not prepared to really think about yet. Then again I’m sure I won’t be able to resist cherry-picking updated dials of Max Mercury, the first of Golden Glider (who is crossing their fingers for a classic version as well?) and updates for just about every Rogue. I think the last Captain Cold we got was like 5 years or something ago.

You can look for the Primer Gravity Feed set on October 15, 2014 and the official release of the full set and Fast Forces will follow close behind on November 5, 2014. 

So who will be taking the plunge and attempting to pick up all 68 of the official Flash pack, the 24 Gravity Feed figurines and the Fast Forces 6-pack? Anyone else who will be off to the side sadly cherry-picking what looks to be an awesome set?

Please let us know in the comments below and thanks for reading,



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Comic-Con 2013: Flash Photography

I’m back from Comic-Con! (Yeah, I know it’s still going on.) I’ve got about 80 photos up on Flickr covering everything from cosplay to protest signs to action figures and statues to booth displays to giant inflatable Teen Titans to — I kid you not — a blimp done up as a Despicable Me minion.

Here’s a selection of Flash-related photos to get you started.

Flash Trio on Casual Day

My wife spotted these three on Friday afternoon — three Flashes on casual Friday!

The Flash

This is the only Flash cosplayer I caught a photo of myself during the two days I was there. I did see one custom-made Kid Flash outfit while crowd-weaving, but it wasn’t a good time to ask for a photo.

Captain Boomerang

Here’s the new Captain Boomerang figure we reported on earlier.

Square Enix Flash

And Square Enix’s Flash.

Flash at the Grocery Store

And finally…a Flash display at the grocery store. Drink enough of that soda, and you’ll get super-speed too!

Check out the full photoset on Flickr!


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New Captain Boomerang Figure Announced At SDCC

The first day of San Diego Comic-Con is often quiet, but there is one bit of Flash-related news to be announced: there’s going to be a new Captain Boomerang action figure. He’ll be part of a Suicide Squad three-pack with Deadshot and Harley Quinn, and the set will be made by DC Collectibles (formerly DC Direct). The figures are based on the characters’ New 52 designs.

Toyark and Comics Alliance have photos of the set and the rest of the newly-announced DC figures.

I’m always glad to get more Rogues figures, but have to admit it’s slightly disappointing to see a second modern Boomerang so soon after the previous Mattel release. It would have been nice to see a classic Digger at some point, but that’s probably unlikely now.

Another item of possible interest is the new Scribblenauts Unmasked vinyl blind boxed figures — none of the photos I’ve seen show any Flash-related characters, but it’s hard to believe there won’t be any, at least if these figures sell well. I’d love a little Flash and some Rogues, so I really hope some are produced in the future.

That’s all for today! What do you think of the figures?


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Flash Cosplay at Dragon*Con

The Irredeemable Shag of Firestorm Fan took zillions of photos at Dragon*Con this year (as usual!) Here are a few cosplay pics with people dressed up as Flash characters.

Box Flash at Dragon*Con 2012 by The Irredeemable Shag

Box Heroes Flash

Jesse Quick at Dragon*Con 2012 by The Irredeemable Shag

Jesse Quick, who can also be found as thekarpster: costume test and at the con.

Captain Boomerang at Dragon*Con 2012 by The Irredeemable Shag

Captain Boomerang

Captain Boomerang and Captain Cold at Dragon*Con 2012 by The Irredeemable Shag

Captain Cold and Captain Boomerang. I think I saw this Captain Cold in San Diego last year.

Thanks to Firestorm Fan and the costume shoots arranged by the Superhero Costuming Forum – check out the rest of Shag’s photos, or look at some of the other blogs spotlighting his Dragon*Con finds here:

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Doctor Fate @ Tower of Fate
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Firestorm @ Firestorm Fan
Hawkman/Hawkgirl @ Being Carter Hall
Martian Manhunter @ The Idol-Head of Diabolu
The Vixen and Zatanna @ Justice League Detroit
Wonder Woman @ Diana Prince is the New Wonder Woman


Before I get some rest….
Here are two serious pictures of me as Captain Boomerang and Tipsybluetips as Pied Piper!

Media Blitz! Flash Team Talks Rogue Makeovers, Wally West and the Law of Congestion (via CBR)

In an interview posted on Friday, Flash co-writers Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato talked to comic book resources about the arc of their speedster saga.  Going into this week’s first New 52 Grodd story, and upcoming reintroductions of Weather Wizard, Heat Wave and (Golden) Glider, the Flash team delved into the existing relationship between the Rogues and the road to September’s Flash Annual.

Manapul kicks things off by explaining the crescendo of the series thus far:

Francis Manapul: I think there’s a theme that the book is really about overwhelming the Flash. In the first arc, we created this villain who could really be in multiple places at once, so in that sense, the Flash is overwhelmed physically and also overwhelmed emotionally because of the fact that he’s [fighting] an old friend, a guy that he grew up with. It’s kind of an overwhelming time for Barry Allen, having discovered that the weight of the world is on his shoulders. On top of that, the Rogues are slowly starting to get back together; we’re slowly showing what kind of a threat they would be to Barry Allen.

For highlights, including choices made during the redesign of the Rogues and the team’s answer to the Wally West question, follow the jump!

On the change of pace from the “Mob Rule” story:

Manapul: The first arc we really felt it was really rich in subtext, whereas with the current Rogues [story], we’re taking more of a direct approach. I’ll admit it — we read how people react to the issues, and we noticed there was a lot of stuff in the first arc that kind of flew over a lot of people’s heads. So with the Rogues, we’re taking a direct approach on how we’re handling them emotionally and how they reflect Barry Allen. And also, having done a five-issue arc, we thought it was necessary for us to create tighter, shorter stories, to help move things along! [Laughs]

On the much-discussed Rogue redesigns:

Manapul: Captain Cold was really the one that took the most back and forth in terms of where we wanted him to be. The rest of the Rogues were really quite easy. A lot of it stemmed from trying to keep things from the past but also making the way that they look part of the story. They look like they do for certain reasons. Of course, with characters like Heat Wave, he looks drastically different. A lot of those changes to their physical attributes stem from the story, so as we get further along, that they look is going to make a lot more sense.

I don’t feel like we’re reinventing them, except for Turbine and Gorilla Grodd. A lot of readers say they want change, but really, they don’t. They want the characters to stay the same, so the way the Rogues have been written in the past is always writing them exactly the same. Emotionally, they didn’t progress, but they changed everything around them so they would have this illusion of change. The opportunity Brian and I have with the New 52 is, “Where did the last story of the Rogues leave off? Lets take that story and move forward emotionally in a way we wouldn’t have been able to pre-52.”

On the relationship between Captain Cold and Heat Wave, as it stands now:

Manapul: I think issue #11 has one of my favorite scenes of interactions between the Flash and Captain Cold — spoilers! — and Heat Wave. It’s a lot of fun! The issue is going to feel a little like a modern Western. The joke is Barry Allen walks into a bar — and Captain Cold and Heat Wave also walk into a bar. There’s going to be some great interaction between Barry Allen and Leonard Snart, and it’ll be really interesting to see Heat Wave interact with Captain Cold. With regard to the singular event that Lisa Snart mentioned, no one has been more negatively affected by it than Heat Wave. That’s where his emotion lies and why he very much would like to get rid of Captain Cold.

On the theme of the Law of Congestion, a driving force from the first issue of the series:

Buccellato: It’s something that’s really reflective — if you go back to issue #1, we talk about it, and it wasn’t just some passing conversation. There’s a reason why we chose to have Dr. Elias talk about that specific thing. So if people would go back and look upon that issue and then reflect on the issues that have come out afterwards, they can, hopefully, see that there’s more at play than what’s on the page.

Manapul: I think the stories we’ve been putting out have been a continuous study of that theory. In a way, what we did in issue #2 by visually overwhelming — we weren’t just overwhelming Barry Allen, we were overwhelming the readers. If you’re following the concept of the Law of Congestion, right now, a lot of highways are being built. The Law of Congestion says, in order to fix it, destroy all of them.

On Wally West:

Manapul: The thing is, it’s coming from a pure fan perspective. I grew up with Wally West, but it’s one those things that, within the context of the story and the world we’re building, he doesn’t really fit. Really, just focusing on Barry Allen has allowed us to do a more streamlined story and give a very good character study on Barry. Especially since, when you think about it, a lot of people of this generation don’t know Barry Allen that well. I sort of feel it really ties everything together. Here are Brian and I on this journey, writing our first ongoing comic book, and we’re reintroducing Barry Allen and his journey in terms of self-discovery — and it’s the same things the readers are going through. They’re on a journey of discovering who Barry Allen is. Introducing Wally West might murky up the water. It’s not our decision, but I think it’s better that we just focus on Barry Allen. At the end of the day, our mission statement is to make Barry Allen as cool as possible. So we’re putting all our effort into doing that.

For much more, head over to CBR for the full interview!

Comics Should Be Good lists the 5 Goofiest Moments in The Flash #122-126.

Comics Should Be Good lists the 5 Goofiest Moments in The Flash #122-126.